“Women in Travel know how to Travel”

We’ve put together curated trips for women who are interested in traveling with other women and either learning about the women in destinations they are visiting, or networking for personal and professional development.  We’re featuring speakers and experiences –curated by women who work in travel – that will address multiple desires women have while exploring on their own or with others: enhanced knowledge, both about ones self and others; indulgence in self-care and wellness activities; a sense of belonging to a travel group that shares interests and potential for friendships; and seeing destinations from a unique viewpoint.

Our Travel Experiences:

Caribbean cruise leaving the coast of Florida in March, featuring speakers who will provide tools for your personal and professional development.  Learn more at Laura@womenintravelandtourism.com

Travel to China for a unique Wellness and Spa hotel nestled in the mountains for a 3 day physical and emotional detox, followed by a spectacular Cruise on the Yangtze river.  Following the cruise is an intimate tour of local orange farm and lunch with the farmer’s family and tour of attractions “off the beaten path” and reflective of Chinese daily life in Yinchuang.  Learn more about this experience at Laura@womenintravelandtourism.com