One of witti’s future objectives is to become an advocacy organization.  It is challenging to find organizations focused on advocating for women in the travel and tourism industry and witti would like to fill that gap.

Research is needed to understand how women fare against their male counterparts in the travel industry; travel industry companies need to understand the importance of creating leadership opportunities for women;  and, women’s contributions to the industry need to be more visibly highlighted and recognized.

Witti Research Initiatives
Mandala Research plans to conduct research focusing on women as travel industry employees.  The first study in this effort will look at where women work, how much they are paid, and how they view their career prospects in the industry.  This study will result in a report on the Status of Women in the Travel Industry.  Mandala Research will survey women and men in all sectors of the industry and at all levels to get a comprehensive view of how women are faring vs their male counterparts.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in this study – both women and men are needed.  If you’d like to sponsor this study, please reach out to us as well.